Kaohsiung, the fourth largest container port in the world, is the second largest city in Taiwan.. Kaohsiung is a prosperous modern transport, financial and industrial center. In the past ten years, the city has undergone rapid modernization and has emerged as an international metropolis. The climate is warm all year round with only a few cool months during winter, making it an ideal location for our shipyard. For current Kaohsiung weather please check here.

Kaohsiung's international airport and international habour makes it easy for any and all types of equipment, spare parts and supplies to be delivered to our shipyard in a timely manner.

Taiwan is a very safe country with a extremely low crime rate. In addition, the Taiwanese people are well known for their world-class hospitality.

Kaohsiung has a long history which has resulted in a unique and rich local culture. To learn more about Kaohsiung's history please click here.

The city also has a great deal to offer tourists boasting many scenic areas and historical sites to visit as well as art, history and science museums. To read about these places please look here and here. Kaohsiung's museum link can be found here. Furthermore, Kaohsiung is very close to Taiwan's premier resort city of Kenting.

For golf enthusiasts, southern also Taiwan boasts a number of top notch golf courses. For more information regarding golf in Taiwan: http://www.rocgolf.com.tw/in_taiwan/clists.html

A truly international city, shopping in abundance in our port city. There are over 10 large department stores and shopping malls in Kaohsiung where anything can be bought from local aborigine crafts to international designer goods. Furthermore, Kaohsiung has many open air markets as well as its own jade market. The nightlife in Kaohsiung is also very varied, with many pubs, KTVs, and night markets. For the traveler, Kaohsiung also has several first-class hotels.

Kaohsiung is a beautiful and unique city and we are proud to make it our business base as well as our home.

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