Fong Kuo Shipbuilding's establishment in 1965 by Shui-Lai Chen, was the starting point for our shipbuilding division and for the entire Taiwanese Shipbuilding Industry. With the intent of creating in Taiwan a successful deep sea fishing industry as Japan had at that time, Fong Kuo became the first private shipyard to build sea-going steel vessels. After Fong Kuo's successful first delivery of a 150T Tuna Purse Seiner to Fong Kuo Fishery in early 1966, over the next ten years the yard built most of the entire fleet of the early Taiwanese fishing industry. This incredible feat was a integral factor in the creation of a strong and thriving pelagic fishing industry in Taiwan.

Starting in 1974 and over the next few years, Fong Kuo expanded its capabilities by successfuly designing and delivering tug boats, barges and fishing research vessels.

Fong Kuo brought new innovation and technology to Taiwan again in 1982 by building the first Japanese style tuna purse seiner in Taiwan, which had a capacity of 800 T, for Fong Kuo Fishery. In 1984 the yard also successfully constructed the first Japanese style 1000G/T purse seiner.

"Hai Kung" 700 GT Fisheries Research Vessel

Increasing its diversity of newbuildings, Fong Kuo also began building squid vessels and long liners. In other areas, the yard has also delivered patrol boats and ferry boats.

Fong Kuo merged with her sister shipyard, Ching Fu Shipbuilding at the beginning of 2002, creating the largest privately owned shipyard in Taiwan.

"Fong Kuo 807" 3000GT Reefer Carrier

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